Ex: 111, 111S, 106, 62L34
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The InvisiJack™ Team
InvisiJack Testing Station

Bob Brennan (Founder/President of Sentinel Connector Systems and former Founder/President of Stewart Connector) has been involved with RJ-45s since their inception. Bob was part of the team that built the first RJ-45 back in the 1970's consulting with Hardesty and Gustin who worked at Western Electric (Baltimore) creating the FCC Part 68 Specification (superseded by ANSI/TIA-1096-A). Bob, along with the Sentinel Team, has over 35 foreign and domestic patents , including those on the MagJack  and a proprietary gold plating process called Spot Plating. 

The esteemed Dr. Brett Robinson (President of Robinson Enterprises) leads our Technical Oversight Design and Engineering Team. This group has an unparalleled EMI/RFI experience. Their experience also includes meeting EMC Compliance Standards set forth in FCC parts, 2, 18, 22, 24, 25, 74, 90 and 15 (A, and B), CISPR 11/22/24, EN 60950/UL 1950/CSA 950, ETS 300: 683/220/328/826/330, EN 6101-1/UL 3101 and 3111/CSA 1010-1 Electrical Product Safety, EN 50081-2/50082-2, EN 60601-1-2 EMC for medical devices, FDA 510(k) EMC requirements, Bellcore GR 1089-CORE, ETS 300 386-1 EMC for telecom equipment, RTCA-DO-160E/F, MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-464A.

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