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InvisiJack Test Equipment & Features
Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A
One of the biggest challenges facing network equipment manufacturers today in their desire to increase network speeds and transmission frequencies is solving complex crosstalk, RF noise, surge, return loss, and EMI/RFI/EMP issues. Complying with IEEE/TIA standards and other regulatory agencies such as the FCC, FAA and/or MIL-Standard and RTCA testing requirements.

With today’s desire to achieve high speed data communication speeds of 40Gbps (i.e. 40GBASE-T) using a standard RJ-45 jack, while allowing for rearward compatibility. Passing the 1.0GHz frequency, all of the data/signal rules change. You can no longer use off-the-shelf “cookbook” formula designs for high speed transmissions as they will create data transmission problems thereby preventing data in the gigabit range to be transmitted properly.
Testing Methods and Equipment Used to Achieve Test Data
To Learn about How the PLTS S Parameter Data was accomplished using the 16/32 port device on the Agilent N1900 Physical Layer Test Set (VNA-TDR) Network Analyzer and to receive confidential test reports mutual NDA's need to be in place.
 Agilent N1900 Physical Layer Test Set using PLTS Software
Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A Agilent Technologies E5071C ENA Series Network Analyzer
Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A Agilent E5071c
In order to test the InvisiJack™, specialized test fixtures were engineered to proplerly test the Strip-Line Flex. With these precise fixtures, we can accurately characterize the jack under consideration as a pass-thru device or stand-alone item.
InvisiJack Test Fixture InvisiJack Test Fixture

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