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Based on our knowledge and experience, we have combined two technologies - the RJ-45
Interconnection Systems with Strip-Line Flex Technology.

By using a phase matched, controlled impedance Strip-Line Flex Circuit (INVISIFLEX™ ),
we have virtually eliminated all crosstalk and the need for magnetics....while being able
to achieve speeds never before realized.

InCompliance Magazine InCompliance Magazine Article (February 2015)
InvisiJack Testing InvisiJack™ Design Features:
• Incorporates a High Speed Phase Matched, Controlled
Impedance RF Flex Circuit
• Utilizes the connector’s shielded/grounded housing
• Less than 2 milliohm maximum contact resistance
• Tested in accordance to MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-202
• Passes ISO/IEC Class II requirements
(all tests run to worst case scenarios)
• Eliminates the need for magnetics
• Meets REACH and RoHS requirements
• Made in USA
  The InvisiJack™ Team InvisiJack™ Portfolio Design Parameters:
• Speeds of 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps and beyond
• Power Consumption - 5 millivolts per differential pair
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