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Category 8.1

Sentinel Connector Systems is pleased to introduce Category 8.1 RJ45 Connectivity for IEEE 802.3bq 25G/40GBASE-T PHY Development and Category 8.1 applications. Since its inception, Sentinel has shipped over 50,000 ports by producing a variety of PCB iterations at the request of our prospective users. This jack has also been qualified for 20,000 insertions/de-insertions when using Sentinel plugs and the durability and performance speaks for itself. Here's more:

  • H.E.S.S. consists of the PCB Jack, Jack Inserts, Tunable PCB’s and Plug/Cable Assemblies
  • Backward compatible with RJ45 connector interfaces for Categories 6A, 6 and 5e as specified in TIA-568.2-D, ISO 11801 and EN 50173
  • Over five (5) Years in Research and Development – Multiple Patents
  • Multiple PCB Iterations were made to Compare then Customize S Parameter Characteristics to the customer requirements
  • PCB traces can be made 50 Ohm single ended or 100 Ohm Differential Pair

Category 8.1 PCB Jack

The need for a 2 gigahertz broadband I/O connector for Category 8.1 was met with a different approach to manufacturing. Traditionally, RJ45 jacks were manufactured using a wire or stamped lead frames to connect the input to output pins of the jack. In our patented H.E.S.S. design, we used a multi layer PCB to connect input to output. The ground layers in the PCB are used for isolation of critical pairs for crosstalk reduction while allowing space to add compensation circuits to tune electrical parameters. Compensation can now be closer to the source of the signals, allowing a broader bandwidth which was not possible with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Category 8.1 Raw PCB Boards and Jack Inserts

Category 8.1 Plug Test Cable

Test Set Up and S Parameters

Samples and a complete set of S Parameters are also available upon written request.